Council elections: Benalla speaks

By Simon Ruppert

The Ensign put a call out to the community via Facebook last week, asking what policies and initiatives they feel are most important in the run up to October's local government elections.

We had a variety of responses, and some themes.


Footpaths in Baddaginnie and a bike path to Benalla.


Fix up our roads there a... disgrace, also stop wasting money on things we don't need, (and) get rid of the dead wood that's there now.


Paying attention to the needs and requirements of the entire rural city and not just Benalla itself. Listen to, and take seriously, the concerns and complaints of residents. Many have lived in their homes/towns/communities for (more than) 30 years and know better than the council what is needed.


Infrastructure. Residents have to complain way too many times before dangerous roads, footpaths, trees (and) gutters... are fixed and amazingly every time you call they have no record of your previous complaints. The council seems incapable to keep their paperwork in order. They can't even get the animal registrations right.


Footpaths and gutters.


Transparency, honesty and commonsense.
Would love better roads in Lurg, especially Upper Lurg road, (and) there are some really dangerous bends that need black spot signs.
Have things around for teenagers to do.
Drainage and roads are terrible in Benalla.
Number 1, completely review their methods and means of communicating and engaging with all of the community to 21st Century standards and consistently review it by measuring engagement.
Public engagement has disappeared. It’s like secret societies of committees making decisions no one knows about until after the fact. There’s zero engagement on social media so why have it? Their latest social media report indicates there’ll be even less in the future. (That is) not how healthy democracies and small communities operate effectively to support and inform each other.
Mobile tower for Samaria. Having no mobile reception is ridiculous in this day and age. I can understand us having to have satellite internet, but no mobile reception is beyond a joke.
If you are not a Facebook user and would like to let the Ensign know what you you would like to see from the new Council email your suggestions to for an article in next Wednesday's paper.